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Photoshop fun


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ok ok so its been done many times before.


This is a thread for your altered Scoobys via photo shop.



Obviously you should do it and not get some wicked pro.

Upload the original and the altered so people can see :)

and contest for the best. (prize ill think of sumet)

also any tips or advice on how to do certain things will be appreciated, im greener than green on photoshop but would love to learn how to get better back light etc.


heres my effort.




and the original.





im trying to get the wheels anthracite, so any advice would be appreciated.

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Thought you would have photoshopped the flower beds while you were at it :lol: :lol: :lol:


on a serious note Im with Stanton, that is better than I could achive, I have only managed to tidy up a few low res jpgs so far - need a lot more practice

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I'm mobile at the minute but I shall post the links that I used to tint the windows and lights, surprisingly easy, the wheels are a lot harder due to the angle and the sun reflection though, I love photophobia however at the moment my wants outsurpass my skill by about ten fold :(

Thanks for the praise guys :) if you want anything doing like tints etc post a pic up :)

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haha ive always enjoyed playing with Photoshop and when i was younger even did some 3d designs for games, however i was never very patience inclined and if it didnt work first time it was never done again haha.

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