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Legacy #2 - better luck this time!


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Subsequent to the demise of my first BP5 with a crank/bearing failure after 4 days it was either wait for a rebuild, source another engine or accept the offer of a second BP5, same colour, same spec but hopefully with a better engine. Based on the probability that both me and the seller were both extremely unlucky I've taken the exchange. It's slightly older with a few more miles but the bodywork is unmarked and I'm optimistic again.


A test drive went well so we're just waiting for the DVLA to give it a number. One thing someone may be able to help with - it does not have a spare key and I've got previous for losing them. They are triangular with two buttons for locking and unlocking and a chrome corner. Can I obtain a blank for one of these and have it programmed? Any ideas, links would be welcomed. I know it will be pricey, we've just paid £150 for a Focus key!


Anyway, photos to follow and more info when it's delivered -happy days.      

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:( sounds like you have had some bad luck fingers crossed this time goes better :)


As for the key I'm pretty sure you can buy blanks and have it cut but like you said before it's the programming of them that costs. Actionman on here might be able to help if you want to drop him a PM.



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