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New clutch needed. New flywheel too?


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It is normal practice to replace the flywheel when changing the clutch, but if your old one is still in good condition you may be able to get away without doing that. The problem you have is you won't know until the old one comes out.

Can't help with a recommendation as that's way out of my area, sorry.

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As Adam says I know Martin in Sheffield will send them away to be skimmed if the flywheel was any good. Unfortunately with mine was lightened and cracked so had to have another one put in :( 


But these have been highly recommended in the past. So might be worth ringing around and choose which one suits you more for distance vs price. I drove 2 and a bit hour's to Sheffield like you nothing close by in that way , well not anymore the one garage we had he moved to an F1 team :( 
















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Inspect for heat damage, cracking & if passes that can be skimmed if not deeply scored to give new flat surface for the new clutch to bed to.

decent skimming is around £20 to £40.

Clutch on the Subarus is quite an easy job so doesn't need the most experienced Subaru specialists but indeed best go with Garage who competent with Subarus.

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