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Morette Headlights Personal Touch

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I wasn't too keen on indicator section of the new lights so i decided to change them up a little.


To be honest im still not 100% on them now but I think they look better then they did, let me know what you guys think.


As standard



New style



Modified new style

post-2009-0-75830000-1409413885_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-51988200-1409413903_thumb.jp


post-2009-0-30448000-1409413923_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-58924000-1409413941_thumb.jp


And the end result






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A Brazilian wasn't quite the look I was after, still, could of been worse i guess :o 


I was after more of a different but subtle look.

Like I said, im still not sure of the looks yet but i'll leave it a week or so to make final decisions. 

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It looks expertly done mate. Very impressed with the quality of the finish  :)


Every time you look at it now though you're ganna see a ginger !Removed! :lol:  


Lovely looking car mate. Where do you live? I'm Reigate just north of Gatwick. My family live in Arundel and Rustington. 

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