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Newbie - advice


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Hi guys,

This is my first post on here so apologies if I don't do it properly!

I am considering buying an Impreza WRX 2002 51 plate.

The car has around 91000 on the clock and looks to be in good condition for its age! The garage says that it has a racing clutch & box as well as lightweight rear spoiler and bonnet.

I have never owned an impreza before and I am wondering what should I be looking out for when looking for one??

Are there any common problem with this model that I should be looking for??

They have said that the previous owner changed the belt but there is no stamp to show this!!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!


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For this age,


You want to be looking at service intervals 5k-10k and no more.

Good oil used and Filters.


Is it leaking oil from the side of the engine ( rocker gaskets) these are not overly expensive to change but yeah.


Racing clutch and box. ( BS) all scoobies have Exedy as standard usually so if this what he means its rubbish, and box as him if its dog tooth etc and i bet he cant tell you the difference between a racing gearbox and a standard one.


Any crunches in gears, usually reverse is a pain anyway.


Rust, Arches and sills.


Lightweight spoiler, if it aint carbon then its about as lightweight as bricks.


Lightweight bonnet again see above. Unless its Aluminum.


Blue smoke on revs or after giving it abit, is generally worn turbo or piston rings.


There is a thread somewhere on here i think.

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