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engine bay cleaning


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Right my engine bay is filthy, Its starting to look better with its nice cusco braces and some blingy covers but the dirt is letting it down,


I dont wanna go mad and have it super clean just "Clean" then i can black hammerite over the rusty bits lol


SO best way? Before when i had vauxhall V6s they were easy as you had big engine in a clear space so lots of gunk and elbow grease, a wipe down and it was done


my solution


- cover the Battery and coil pack up

- can of gunk over the engine bay and leave 10-15 mins

- Steam cleaner go over to remove gunk

- wipe down with rag


What you think?


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Get a squirty bottle and fill it with degreaser. Blast all the engine bay with it while engine is cold. Drive to the nearest power wash and blast the entire engine bay. Should be dry enough to drive away in 15 minutes or so.

Job done!

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Hi nick, im a professional Valeter + Detailer. I've been doing it for 14 hers and I can help out here.

Start by giving the engine a coat of TFR truck wash, allow to soak in for two minutes.

Please remember be for pressure washing any engine to turn it on, avoid exposed electrics and ECU if possible.

Rinse with a pressure washer to remove all dirt, leave the engine on to allow access water to drip off and shaken around off the engine an what not.

Now over the years I've picked up a few tips and I would like to share one with you here. If you have access to a compressor and air line with a blower then give this a go.

Take a blower to the engine bay (don't matter if it's running or not) and have a clean micro-fibre rag handy. Blow away the water off the engine so it's nice and dry.

There's a piece of equipment know as a "tornado" it's an expensive piece of kit at £200 but it's the best £200 you'll spend, it can be used for cleaning seats, carpets, engine bays + a range of more things. If you have access to one then try this.

Fill it full with plain old paint thinners. Use in a be related area as it way quite misty. Apply a coat of thinners to the engine bay and allow to dry, don't afraid to be shy with it, you should get something like this:







Please feel free to drop a like on my page on FB, I serve the South Wales Cardiff and surrounding areas but I'm always about I offer advice :).


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14706048495_268f529aea_b.jpgm-soc-102 by salsa-king, on Flickr


I love having a  clean engine bay.


a spray over with Traffic Film remover.. snow foam.. allow to soak.. a quick whizz over with jet wash.. allow to dry off, either spray over with some silicone spray or use autoglym vinyl trim/rubber cleaner spray.




On my Punto when I bought it.... it was dirty... but not for long..






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