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ACT4 transmission slip


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Hi, I would need some advice please.

2.0 X auto, 2004, 60k. Gearbox oil and external filter changed last year without improving the mild slip of the change between gears. (This became noticeable enought now to be annoying! ) Oil was clean then with good colour, no debris.

Car has a tow bar, I'm 3rd owner. Bought it 3 yrs ago at 36k. It was already producing same kind of slip then, but much less obvious.

Belfast DB Motors, automatic transmission "specialist" measured the gearbox parameters, test drove the car and said : it's fine mate, doesn't have any probs:)

? Could it be the torque converter

Cold oil level now at hot max level on stick. Slightly over filled.

Does anybody know how can one check if the vacume is not leaking, but I presume the "specialist" should have noticed that when he connected the car to his computer looking for error messages.

? Any other ideas please

I have looked for and couldn't find advice on prices for a genuine torque converter.

Does it even worth opening the box or just wait until fails completely ?

Thanx in advance for your answers !

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auto boxes are witchcraft and my knowledge is very limited im afraid .

Only things that spring to mind would be to get oil grade advice (from tim @opie oils) as a change in grade may help .

Or speak to a tuner about mapping as I know that certain subaru auto box gear changes can be adjusted via a remap .

Can't remember the name of the tuner , but there is one on here that had some feedback regarding quicker auto box gear changes .

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