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Engine chipping


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Bump - Has anyone recently remaped a 3rd Gen Diesel Forester? What gains can be expected I see TDI- tuning and the likes offering a bump from 145 - 186bhp & 350Nm - 420Nm, all nice numbers, but are they legitimate?

I keep considering changing my SG for something a little newer, and like the mpg & torque of the diesel, but would probably want to start tweeking and improving if possible.

Has anyone gone further, changed turbos etc?


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I'm not a fan of plug in tuning boxes like stants has said a proper remap if the best way they also do a full diagnostic at the same time and can see if the afr and other important data and adjust accordingly, but with a tuning box it's just pot luck really .

Diesel tuning is just as popular now as petrol but I'm unsure if anyone , has gone as far as to uprate the turbos on a scooby diesel that I know of . but it could defiantly be done, you need to speak to a proper diesel tuning specialist I know Alan Jeffries engine tuner in Plymouth do specialist diesel tuning and they know their way around a Subaru too ;) , the only thing is when you start tuning a diesel a lot is the smog

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