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slight break judder at high speeds


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Or alignment or slightly buckled wheel,

I rotated mine last month and had horrendous handling, but my rear alignment was so far out due to the fronts being wrong I had a an unworn shoulder of rubber that was the cause due to ub even ware

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I've got juddery brakes too, and put new discs and pads all round and it s still juddery. Could it be wheel balancing?

If you fitted them yourself did you clean the hub properly? If there a bit of crud on the hub the discs won't seat properly and will be crooked Possibly causing the wobble.

Also have you checked all the bushes and rubbers on the front track rod arms and wish bones? May even be a bearing issue altough both these should be pretty evident weather breaking or not.

Wheel balance issues generally only show up at a small range of speed. Say between 50-60mph they either smooth out or get worse depending on how bad out of balance they are. The same as buckled wheels both these issue manifest weather breaking or not.

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Regards the warped discs.

It's hard to see by eye they only have to be slightly warped to cause judder So an easy way to check is to jack the car up off all four wheels if poss.

Take the wheel off and hold something like a pencil or the end of a pen against the disc, get a mate to spin the other front wheel and see if the disc moves away or pushes the implement. If it does then I'm afraid you've got a warped disc.

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