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Hi everyone. I'm Mike 20 year old from Northern Ireland. Got my impreza nearly a year ago. It's a 2001 1.6 Bugeye Lots of things were broken, and it took me ages to get here fixed up. But she's not that fast so I'm trying to make her interesting in other ways. Here's a list of my mods so far.


My Bugeye


Smartphone controlled locking system

- made myself for about £30, because my car didn't come with a keyfob. Now I can lock and unlock my car with my phone. 


Custom Tablet Dashboard install.

-my radio head unit didn't work so I changed so I custom fitted a Nexus 7 into the dashboard & Programmed my own Subaru themed interface to make it easier to use in the car.


Nexus 7 Dashboard build

My Custom Radio



Rear Tailight Swap

-swapped my headlights to 2004 Sti to give it a more modern look. The old ones were leaking badly, and letting alot of water into boot.


Sti Interior swap and door Cards

-swapped in the interior from a 2007 Sti, inlcuding bucket seats and door cards.


Prodrive Headlight Swap

-swapped in the JDM Prodrive Headlights for a more modern look and extended beam range at night.



ScoobyWorld Mudlflaps because the old ones were in bad condition.



Future Mods

including things I'm undecided about.


- 2004 Sti Steering Wheel

- Custom Programmed Heads up Display.

- Coilovers/ Springs. (Not sure) 

- Tinted Windows.

- Spoiler Repaint

- Sti Aluminium Hood.

   found one cheap on eBay in my paint code (95h). But it has a deep mark on it. Not sure how to fix it, Don't want to

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