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  1. unfortunately not done yet the company who supplied the software to my mechanic they were bunch of cons .... have to go somewhere else
  2. depends which one U get manual or 4AET, more common ones are the 4 AT
  3. HI guys ! just wonder if anyone had same problem My 2006 Forester Cross Sports 4EAT is playing up (gearbox it is ) it was doing this previously at very random frequency but now its stuck for good it looks like it. The ECO light is flushing and while driving gears are not engaging same for semi auto , only first and reverse. I've read that these models suffer from failing solenoid often A . Anyone ??? PLEASE where to get it ?, it's a JDM so Japan ONLY ? I am assuming its specific for each model I can see some sets on Ebay but they are for 2.5 engines
  4. siwy71


    what wheels you got ? I got toyo tyres which came of my cross sports still loads of life 205/50/17
  5. it does little over 6 sec to 60 mph , stock
  6. yes it is, I am about to mapp mine next week ..... can't wait 😁
  7. HI Elois ! I know it's old topic and the car she's gone to bad You had to part with this beauty, got a question since you were the owner at that time scooby clinic did for you performance package 1 ? Impreza wrx& sti 2001-2007 ? I believe it's gotta be this one . I am thinking about doing this to my cross sports, do you know what kind of a power gain after , time frame etc price £1600, I looked it up and cold air is included since I got one SPT OEM one so hopefully that would be £ 200 less. any words appreciated !!!! peter
  8. Eloise what power now after remap etc ?
  9. I think you need a new fella Eloise 😂
  10. hi Chriss5471 ! Cheers bud , funny to say but I think it was sorted today I kind knew that this might be plug and play type thing and after all it is( trip to Halfords etc) , but to be sure will see tomorrow when I plug the new one and if everything will work the way supposed to. It appears that I don't need a harness because there is one from existing unit , just have to get USB extension cable and figure out which way to thread bluetooth mic etc.
  11. HI guys ! quick question, anyone removed cubby box for head unit instal ? any advices how ? forward, up ? is it pin type like the rest of the trim I am assuming .
  12. now I will try to clean mine, almost same symptoms , with the only difference that my window closes in jumps
  13. Stereo yes I am looking for one as well, still have original one kenwood with no option of changing language etc. it will pick up two UK stations , but play's music do to USB from iPhone still looking for one and if you have cubby dash which you will then double din one you after Sony XAV-AX100 or 200 or something like that Halfords have some selection . and rest here