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  1. Pretty much is now to be honest mate,every panel has been replaced with brand new original Subaru parts,fully under sealed and full paint job. Custom made exhaust getting made for 17th of September. Only got the suspension set up left to do and then it’ll be fully road ready. Actually felt more excited about it yesterday than I did when I passed my test ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Cheers mate,if it’s dry I’ll be up on the Sunday. Can you still pay at the gate up there?
  3. What dates that mate,could be the terzos first outing 👍🏻
  4. Yes mate that’s her finished,I’m booked in at Kenneth Brown Motor Engineering on Tuesday for full suspension set up,corner weighting ect then that’s me. Can’t wait ❤️
  5. Would take ridiculous money to get her off me now mate 💯
  6. thanks mate,I’m so proud of how the build has went. It’s been a long (expensive) haul, but well worth it in my opinion.
  7. All waxed and polished,getting a service and suspension set up this week. Be on the road next Monday ❤️
  8. Maaaate,this is amazing.Your engine bay looks something else. Mabey I will do a wee bit 🤔😂
  9. Think I’m planning on running a fairly standard set up on her. I will be fitting a custom stainless pipe with 4” back box and a sneak head manifold. Dropped her on to her new coil overs last night. WOW!