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  1. And that’s when it snowballs,your car ends up off the road for a year and a half and you end up skint 😂.
  2. Kilbirnie I’m from bud, defo right regarding the suspension set up. I know Greer spirt used to be good for all sorts of skint work but not sure they still trade.
  3. I’ll certainly suggest that as it will save a lot of cost that could be better spent elsewhere. What about suspension set up, I am sitting it on some coilovers so I’m going to need that set up also. Thanks for all the help so far guys.
  4. Thanks Stuartie, it’s like peeling an onion when you start man. Thought I could see the end in sight but now I’ve been told my fuel lines are corroded and needing replaced. Tank out so I’d be aswell putting a wall to fuel pump on is when it’s out.....where does it stop 🙈
  5. Thanks mate,defo get a catch up when I’m on the road. Went to the garage today and was told my fuel lines at corroded and my tank needs to come out to fix it. Was told this means my diff ect need stripped. What do you’d think?
  6. I know the roads are bad up here but I’ve managed to stick to tarmac and the occasional bit of grass 😂 Weekends work
  7. Where did you get the map done? Is it night and day? im buzzzzzzing now 🙈
  8. Don’t have any plans engine wise as apart from a remap after the snakehead and system go on NEXT WEEK 🍾 yet but it’ll be a long winter 😂 Currently got a piper Ross induction kit,baileys dump valve so full stainless system should be a nice addition. I’ve also got a full set of blue silicone hoses to put on. I’m off to Ardrossan today for the Highland games. It’s a great day
  9. I know the roads are bad up here but I’ve managed to stick to tarmac and the occasional bit of grass 😂
  10. Thanks bro,could have took the easy route and went for an import but I much prefer the build not bought approach. There’s a lot of joy to be had in seeing a car taking shape through your own hard work. There will come a point where people will be kicking themselves for letting these classics go to pot. I think there’s a bit more prestige in saving a uk model than going down the jap route. Do you think the stone guards are needed?
  11. I’m Ayrshire bro. Own a 98 terzo which I have been restoring for the last year or so. Due back on the road this month at some point, cannot wait for it. Are there any shows or cruises coming up in the next couple of months?
  12. Does anyone know where I can get a pair of stone chip protectors for the car? Can’t find them anywhere and any help would be appreciated.
  13. I was really surprised just how bad it was in the wheel arch area,they have both been replaced and I’ve coated the inner with finer glass before I send it to be under sealed to hopefully future proof it.