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  1. didnt buy it as it's like a £40 kit just to tell you your HG is !Removed!, just took it to my mechanic, insta pic and video here for reference.
  2. sniff test?, that color changing liquid.
  3. Same boat that i was in, no oil in water/water in oil, no bad smoke out of exhaust ect, had it hydrocarbon tested then boom, exhaust gases found in the coolant, was the headgaskset. So i would get it hydrocarbon tested before wasting any more time.
  4. Mine used to stutter after 4k RPM but not as bad as yours, it wouldn't do it as bad and wouldn't happen all the time, I pulled out my sparkies and they were bad, totally fixed the problem by changing them and pulls like a dream now, so I would suspect it's sparkies.
  5. If you've checked all the IC pipes, check the vacuum hoses. Quite common to find tears/rips in them between 80k-120k miles
  6. My car was stuttering and hesatating after 4k rpm, was scratching my head for a while about it, changed maf sensor, cam sensors ect. Decided to change the spark plugs, they were in bad condition and looked old and it fixed the problem, pulls like a dream, so if you haven't had your sparkies out yet, do it!
  7. Crisp Tuning in Wakefield ( Obviously very far from Hampshire ), whether you'd like to make the trek with it over there or tow it is another problem 🙂
  8. I payed 1.7k for my engine rebuild after one of my head gaskets failed, 20-22 hours labour + new seals and cometic headgaskets.
  9. Wanting to know if these blobeye polycarbonate windows would fit on my 2006 hawkeye sti. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.acwmotorsportplastics.co.uk/category-146.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. bought a smaller plate that will show white around every part of the letters when in the holder, just to be on the safe side.
  11. ah right, its a perrin usa license plate holder that came with my pulley cover, so I bought a 305mm x 152mm plate to fit with it (had to dremel it a bit).
  12. Should I risk putting it on the front and keep the other plate on the dash or something?
  13. Cant figure out how to get the horn working as im new to this, can anyone help? Take a look at the uploaded images.
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