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  1. Dont have the grills. Jesus. Why would you want ain wi NO grills eh. Dont think that would be a good look. Thanks mate I'll check it out and go and c how much set grills are
  2. Great. So I just need to find a Hawkeye front end and that'll be much easier than having to whittle down to a Spec C bumper. Glad there all the same will make life a lot easier for me. Thankyou folks much appreciated 07525406402 Heres my contact number. Ready to buy a front end asap if possible.
  3. Thankyou folks much appreciated 07525406402 Heres my contact number. Ready to buy a front end asap if possible.
  4. I'm not sure if it's a direct replacement or not. I've spoke to a few breakers where there saying it doesn't fit. But looks pretty similar to me. Tbh guys I have a 2006 wrx Hawkeye. Well I own it at the moment until insurance know what there decision is. Anyway that another problem... Yea . Anyone have a sti Hawkeye front end where u could try and fit it. Obviously if it fits it like to take it off your hands if anyone has spares. I'd need to physically change it and see I think eh. Would need to be Hawkeye and close too 2005 as possible ...
  5. I get away with a 2006 hawkeye model and strip the front end off that. Wonder if that would fit. My last impreza I still have 2006 wrx Hawkeye. Same lights and looking bumper as Spec C. This a direct replacement then ?
  6. Anyone ANY idea where I can find a front end for a sti Spec C ? Maybe other styling products too ??
  7. Yea the kit looks great on the top and over the fittings and that. Its just the underneath. Looks hellish
  8. Loud pipes save lives for sure !!! Yea I'll probably shorten how far back it goes and give it a MASSIVE RUB DOWN. Fiberglass a lot . Then a bit more to be safe. Then a bit more fiberglass. Might get metal piping to run along front depending on the angle. Then a little filler. Rub down again and paint. 🙄 I feel some late nights coming up
  9. Yea it looks like a !Removed! botched job. It's a mess and yea itll be a BIG job . Story my life **** goin wrong !
  10. You can see it's all been fixed underneath before. So was obviously rubbing like a mo fo at some time. Before my days though. Aahhh the Joy's of expensive cars Looks brand new from the front
  11. Looking smart. Well played !!!Fancy a fiberglass job 🤣
  12. I took her out for a spin. 1st time its scraped going down a road and just a tad. Glad I had the springs sorted before I took it. I checked anyways being anal about my car. And wtf did I see...... THIS Looks like I'll be doing some fiberglass work then doesn't it !!! Jesus. Dunno when they !Removed! happened
  13. That's a braw neat job mate. Well played.
  14. Fairly been to work again on your motor mate. Choking to get my decat pipe on and see how it sounds !!! lol Ah man just need it out the way now . Been part my life for so long just wanna put it behind me now n move on . Theres soooooo much evidence to say hes !Removed! up more than once a must say. Anyways. Cars lol