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    Sti blob + jdm hawk wagon
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    I’ve just ordered a set of those Rotas 18 s,They are for my hawk wagon to which at a later stage I’ll be putting big brakes on
  2. Just browsing this site and saw this,Then I realised that’s my car,yes I’m the new owner,Done a px with my blob wagon which I got off of Quay about 6 years ago,so far I’ve put Tein lowered springs which has dropped the car about 2.5 cms,It sits just right,Nice and subtle,I’ve put the correct fogs on it and got the fog in the main rear light working as a fog,I’m waiting for a 4 inch scoop to come which is made for the hawk and I’ve got the middle tailgate spoiler to go on when the scoop arrives also looking for a front splitter that will fit as the wagon ones are different due to bumper issues I was told and thinking about the Zunsport metal grill set,I’m waiting on my Rotas to come this week which are 18 s then down to mates garage for 4 wheel alignment,Probably will uprated the anti-roll bars next,gearbox has a slight whine but not concerned just yet,very lively car and keeping engine stock as I’ve got a blob sti ppp and that is a totally different animal,oh yeah I put a Hayward and Scott back box on it and now it’s got a nice subtle burble noticed the osf window has dropped but my mate said he thinks they are like the bmw windows that drop slightly as you open the door,anyone throw some light on this,also the fog light switch is a pulse and can’t use the original scoob switch anyone throw some light on this
  3. Thanks,I’ll probably use my van most of the time
  4. New Tein lowers springs,spot lights fitted and wired in,rear fog light using led bulb ( it’s a jdm ) and Hayward and Scott back box going on,waiting for new wheels 18 inch rota’s in gold to arrive then to mates garage for a four wheel alignment all on my JDM Hawkeye Wagon ,until then have to use my ppp sti bug,life’s a ****** but off to Iceland tomorrow so hoping new wheels arrive when I come back
  5. Hi I’m looking to put a decent alarm on my wagon as I Think all it has on it is central locking button built into the key unlike my uk sti blob which self destructs within 10 seconds if I don’t turn the engine over any recomendations and near to Bishops stortford Thanks
  6. My sti blob had bc coilovers when I got it and cannot fault them,only time you notice really is if you hit a pothole so might be worth considering those or look at the damping on wot you already have,I have coilovers and Eibach springs on my Datsun 260Z and I can say the same about those so really best just to miss potholes if poss
  7. Wanted are fog light brackets for hawk jdm wagon please
  8. In Blue passenger side front door with glass ect came off a blob ,fits saloon and wagon as far as I know £50
  9. Any meets anywhere down south anytime,I’m Stansted area
  10. I’ve had the 300 turbo not the twin turbo also the 280zx is a nice car to drive but slow and regards to the 2+2 260 they are probably the rarest of the 260 z but not as desirable but they do look good lowered and with a nice set of wheels
  11. Yeah the 240 z allways looked upon as the one to have probably because it was the first Z they brought out but the best one is the late 260z 2 seater and the rarerest of em all The new jdm wagon I want to put a splitter on the front but was told that the wings or was it the bumper is different on the wagon also wanted a blob sti scoop but that’s different as well also looking for the brackets for the fog lights if anyone has any performance wise I’m putting my Hayward Scott back box on and that’s it,going down my mates garage for a four wheel alignment and that’s about it,it’s plenty quick enough as it is so basically keeping it standard,oh yeah forgot it’s blue and will be putting a set of white bora Wheels or something like that as my sti has the gold and I see a wagon with white wheels when I was in Greenhithe last week and it looked pretty cool so I’m going down that root,as it’s my everyday car I’m not going mad with it although it’ll probably only do about 4000 miles a year
  12. Just saying hi,got an sti uk ppp blob and have just sold my blob WRX wagon and got a low mileage Hawkeye jdm wagon so a few questions regarding that one later other cars I have is my BMW Z 4 M Coupe in imola red yeah I know it’s a beeemer but it’s the nearest thing now days to a raw sports car and last but not least is my Datsun 260 z,had this for about thirty years and it’s got a 3.1 motor in it,just waiting for my Rebello motor to arrive back to the jdm as far as I know it’s standard but it’s not to far behind the sti in performance,it’s stated 250 bhp but was told they are about 285 bhp ?