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List Of Car Show's For Club Attendance


Events And Car Shows  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for the ones you'd most likely attend.

    • Japshow
    • Japfest : Silverstone
    • Modified live
    • Modified nationals
    • Japfest 2
    • Japshow Finale
    • Northern Big One (NBO)
    • German Vs Japanese
    • Trax
    • Tuner fest
    • The Humber Car Show
    • Yorkshire Modified Show
    • RallyDay

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Right I know it might seem like us Mods just sit around doing nothing ;)



But we was talking about all the car shows and how many there is. So we're after an idea to which ones members would like us to go to for 2016 and the future, to save on disappointment of not having enough members to attend event's. So starting a list to vote on of some of the main events. 




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I don't mean as a main club event/yearly meet mate. I mean for club stands :) So can make sure we have payment forms up and don't have disappointed members like say with Japfest Wingnut and a few others was left disappointed partially my fault thought we needed 10 cars only needed 5 :( 

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That one sounds good. I think I have jap fest and show on the list along with any at cadwell as its local to me. Nbo as I missed out this year. Really happy to do any we have good numbers.


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Just trying to get an idea of the shows people want to attended mate. We seem to have a few member's that have stopped coming with us an choose to go with other clubs which is fine. Each to their own [emoji3] but has resulted in us falling short on number's. For the likes of japfest. But have a good spot and full 25 club passes taken in for japshow finale. So some event clearly appeals better to member's over other's.

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Be nice to get like a master list of events up with dates and people who are going under it. I am sure more people will be interested if we can see what shows we have a good presence at. I know I wanted to do more than I have this year but due to not knowing who was going where and not knowing lots of people I have missed a few.


Also a clear list will help as a lot of the shows have similar names.

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Well the main aim is once we know the event's members prefer to attend with the club I'll get payment form's sorted out for them. Biggest issue is its too easy for people to say they will go then not turn up or pay even when the payment forms are on the forum I've still had to chase people up.

Castle combe last year had over 10 people say they would go ended up with just 6 pay. Unfortunately I thought we needed 10 cars but we only needed 5 cars but I thought it was ten like other shows. But it's also disappointing to see so little cars going to some shows. [emoji17]

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