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  1. Mud Flaps

    That scooby is sexy
  2. I have replaced all four bearings in the transfer case on my subaru.. but... in the lower gears 1 and 2 theres a horrible grinding noise on the over run.. Ive attacthed a video of my diff... I dont think it should be doing this am I right? and this is my noise?? ( Hopefully the link works ive just uploaded it to you tube )
  3. Mud Flaps

    Very nice. Scoobyworld it is
  4. Boot/trunk Divider

    Haha @savage bulldogs
  5. Moving house so clear out

    just say how much you want
  6. Moving house so clear out

    ok cool. how much do you want for them ?
  7. Moving house so clear out

    Have you still got the fog lamp ducts ?
  8. Mud Flaps

    Thanks for the replys. on the rallyflaps website you can change the colours about. black flaps with red writing ... what you think?
  9. Mud Flaps

    Is this the place to buy mud flaps? http://www.performancecreations.co.uk/subaru--impreza-wrxsti-new-age-gdb-2001-2007-219-c.asp Or is there anywhere better you guys might know? Thank you Danny.
  10. Does a after turbo down pipe de cat 3" from a 2000 Classic sti fit a 2005 wrx 2.0T new age ?? I did buy a centre de cat from @Sandals I think it was sandals ha?? but im not sure if that was 3 or 2.5 Inch now?? Cheers
  11. Buying Subaru Parts

    Lovely - Thank you
  12. Buying Subaru Parts

    Hello all. Buying parts.. Where do you use ? Im after a window switch for mine but main dealer want an arm and a leg and ebay is full of ****... Just a few different websites listed if there is any would be nice to know.. Thanks Danny.
  13. Im in the same boat.. How important is the new map without any cats? Ive removed my last cat and have no engine managment light come on, I want to remove the other two whats the one i should leave in if i cannot get the map done as of yet.?
  14. Thermostat orientation

  15. Im after a STI spoiler for my 2005 WRX Blob eye. I tried one from ebay a pattern one and it never turned up apparently he "sent it out" got my money back so not too much stress. If any pop up i'd be interested. Thank you. Danny.