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  1. Consti

    SIMPLY JAPANESE: 31st July 2016

    Soz chap, can't make this one. [emoji106][emoji2] Widetrack [emoji3]
  2. Consti

    Refurbing alloys.....but what colour?

    Chromium Black or Bronze go well with dark cars. Widetrack [emoji3]
  3. Consti

    Paint restoration

    Ha ha ha lol, sweet, cracked me up. [emoji23] Widetrack [emoji3]
  4. Consti

    Paint restoration

    Here is the steps I do when I go the full hog. Jetwash Foam Jetwash Wash with two bucket Rinse as you go Dry Crystal clear, removes old wax. Clay with lube Rinse as you go, stop residue Synthetic chamois Compound, mequiars ultimate, wipe of gently as you go Cover panels with towels etc to stop heat from sun Polish/glaze, meguiars ultimate. Wax, meguiars ultimate, build up 3 or more layers over couple days. Widetrack [emoji3]
  5. Consti

    Paint restoration

    Cheers, yep meguiars and cheap Argos da polisher. Compound Glaze/polish Wax Done. [emoji106][emoji2]
  6. Consti

    Paint restoration

    2 year warranty, Widetrack [emoji3]
  7. Consti

    Paint restoration

    Widetrack [emoji3]
  8. Consti

    Paint restoration

    I use meguiars ultimate range, works well, bought a da polisher from Argos for £50. Widetrack [emoji3]
  9. Consti

    Sparky's 2015 sti build

    Awesome car, see you again soon mate. [emoji106][emoji2]
  10. Stuck some new rubber on, really impressed with these, they don't snatch like the potenzas did and the grip is amazing. [emoji2] Widetrack [emoji3]
  11. Making use of a sunny day off. Widetrack [emoji3]
  12. Jeez, that paint looks fecking beautiful. Is it still on the original coat? Hi, mostly original paint, I've had the bonnet repainted due to stone chips, bought it of a old guy that only used it on weekends only.
  13. Scoobs first compound. Widetrack [emoji3]
  14. Cleaned cars with my mate then went for a cheeky drive. [emoji2][emoji106] Widetrack [emoji3]
  15. Ordered some whiteline arb's for the Widetrack [emoji2] Widetrack [emoji3]