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  1. Worst case u have cooked it or could just be an airlock. My bmw used to do it had a small hole somewere and air used to get i to system and do same thing. Also had a landrover that did it but i had well cooked that.
  2. Been nice and sunny today so gave the scoob its first proper going over of the year. Anyone else been polishing this sunny weekend? Lets see some pics.ūū
  3. Cant help you on place to take it but i just paid £150 to install new clutch flywheel propshaft and gearbox.
  4. Sorry to be a messer but im not guna be able to make it :( ill be in scotland till the 7th. Gutted would have been my first show in the scoob. Have fun anyways everyone.
  5. Looking forward to this will be my first subaru meet :)
  6. Yep lol my car is stuck on a ramp with no flywheel subarus are like a drug once you have had it you cant live with out ive been doing cold turkey all day hahahaha
  7. Sorted thanks hopefully ill have car done then lol
  8. Hi dose anyone know a good place to get a flywheel for a 03 wrx ive got my car in for new box and clutch and now i need a flywheel cheapest place possible or somewere i can get second hand one. thanks
  9. Been told they are as loud as the blitz R when i was lookng at them.
  10. Sorted nice and close to me :) only a hour drive. Anyone from hull got a convoy going? Also how do i get my name down?
  11. Hi everyone as above realy is there an NBO (north big one) this year been looking at last years pics and it looks a good day out. Thanks
  12. Good app that thanks have to take some better pics and have a play with it.
  13. Those look smart what app have you done them with