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  1. Hello all. Buying parts.. Where do you use ? Im after a window switch for mine but main dealer want an arm and a leg and ebay is full of ****... Just a few different websites listed if there is any would be nice to know.. Thanks Danny.
  2. Im in the same boat.. How important is the new map without any cats? Ive removed my last cat and have no engine managment light come on, I want to remove the other two whats the one i should leave in if i cannot get the map done as of yet.?
  3. anywhere
  4. Im after a STI spoiler for my 2005 WRX Blob eye. I tried one from ebay a pattern one and it never turned up apparently he "sent it out" got my money back so not too much stress. If any pop up i'd be interested. Thank you. Danny.
  5. Morning- Is there any difference in the classic(-2000) rear anti roll bar links to the new age ones a (2005) I want to buy a set off ebay but they are listed for classic although look very simular to the ones on my car.. Was wondering if anyone knew if they was the same thing. Cheers. Look at this on eBay
  6. Got to be wheel balance surely if its slight wobble at 80. I bet your getting someone doing a basic quick balance every time you get them done, when it isn't their car with slight wheel wobble they don't give a monkeys.
  7. I had shocking signal aswell... Not affected when the heated screen is on though.. But my signal booster is on the c pillar and a wire had been cut by the looks of it I soldered a meter or so onto the wire that looked like it had been cut and now I can get radio 1 and a few others at least but I would like to know where this wire original went to instead of me jus resting it up in the head lining The wire my finer is in was the one that was cut with now a solder wire on it.. And to your post about poor signal when the heated screen is on a quick search on Google shows its down broken heated *lines* the ones that run across the glass.. Sorry for hijacking
  8. Ive sent them an email, Cheers
  9. Where the hell attercliffe come from I don't know ha Matter **
  10. Doesn't attercliffe it's all going to need painting .. Cheers
  11. what about one in red?
  12. Im after a near side rear quater panel for a 2005 impreza There is only one second hand on ebay for £175.. they dont do delivery so ill have to sort my own out.. would anyone know anywhere that sells pannels apart from subaru main agent? Thank you Danny.
  13. what size is this please
  14. Fog light covers?