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  1. Exhaust advice

    Prodrive back box and de-resonated centre should give it a nice rumble hopefully 🌚
  2. Exhaust advice

    Keeping the cat in the down pipe and keeping the prodrive backbox, but the mid section will be all business, milltek stainless straight through job. Not sure how loud it's going to be, but no doubt a touch louder at least 😎
  3. Exhaust advice

    @mattiekane just bought a straight through centre pipe 🏎πŸ’₯πŸ’¨
  4. @Owian04WRX im not 100% clued up on this sort of stuff, but I think white smoke means your burning water and blue means your burning oil. I'm lead to believe a small plume of white smoke on a cold start is normal as condensation is left in the exhaust from when it cools down. If this is happening when the cars already warm, my first thought would be that it could be head gasket related; but as I said I'm far from an expert.
  5. @mattiekane you'll need some normal polish aswell for afterwards and some good wax to seal them πŸ‘
  6. @mattiekane autoglym metal polish makes light work of it πŸ‘
  7. Restored my headlights 😎 And topped up the oil 🌚
  8. HawkSTI's errrrrm hawk sti

    Well, this afternoon I set about restoring my yellowing headlights. I used autoglym metal polish as I've done it with this on a previous car and it works wonders. No need to wet sand, just 20 minutes each side with the metal polish and then super resin polish to get them spotless. Took about an hour all in but they've come out really well and has made such a difference 😎
  9. Exhaust advice

    @Sandals thanks, good to hearπŸ‘ How much louder does does it make the car removing the centre silencer and cat?
  10. Exhaust advice

    @savage bulldogs yeah it's very quiet. It sounds as though the cars cut out when you come to a junction it's that quiet, and it's not a great deal louder once you put the toe down. Thing is though, I like the way the prodrive one looks on the car. I thought a straight through centre would wake it up a bit but I don't want any problems. I suppose a subtle but louder back box would do the trick. What do people normally go for?
  11. Exhaust advice

    @savage bulldogs I did think of that, but with the centre resonator still in place, the backbox alone wouldn't make s great deal of difference would it?
  12. Exhaust advice

    @mattiekane which cat are you taking out?
  13. Exhaust advice

    @mattiekane my plan is to make it a bit louder, but keep it legal (I.e so it can pass an mot) and not to **** the neighbors off too much when I start the car at 5:30am and leave it 5 minutes to warm up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i guess that pretty much rules out a nur spec lol
  14. Exhaust advice

    Cheers @mattiekane πŸ‘πŸ‘
  15. @savage bulldogs nice bay 😎