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  1. @td_dan it would be interesting to see that torque figure 🏎💨
  2. @td_dan yeah I bet with 211bhp and a big shove of diesel torque it feels quick! Willing to bet your getting better mpg than my sti aswell 😂 (That doesn't take much doing)
  3. @td_dan welcome mate! how do you find the boxer Diesel engine? I've always wanted to try one. You getting decent mpg out of it?
  4. Yeah mine too. The downpipe and small cat pipe look like there in really good condition, but my centre pipe and backbox were quite corroded. Got the shiney prodrive one to replace the sti one, now just on the lookout for a stainless de-resonated centre pipe. I've seen them on eBay for £89 but unsure what the quality will be like. Pic of my old sti exhaust and prodrive one.
  5. @Scooby1 I've got the standard sti exhaust, with a prodrive back box. It's nice and quiet when ticking over and cruising but sounds nice when you open it up. I'm going to do the resonator delete from the centre section to make it a touch noisier, but should still be fairly quiet with the cats and prodrive back box in place. Would recommend the prodrive if you want a subtle, fairly quiet exhaust.
  6. Yeah want to stiffen it up a bit and drop it a touch. Also read about the sti rear knock on these so thought I might aswell do the job properly 😁 You know anyone selling a set?
  7. @MickytWelcome mate! I used to have a B4 RSK and loved it 😁
  8. @mattiekane nice, what sort of power is it running?
  9. @mattiekane pics of said drift car or it doesn't exist.
  10. Drove it to work and back. 2.2 miles each way 😂
  11. If you look on the wheel, somewhere it should have "ET" followed by a number. The lower the number the further the wheel will stick out. You may need to get the arches rolled slightly if the offset of the new wheels is too low.
  12. Bit of a long shot, but if anyone has a set of good coilovers that will fit a widetrack sti for sale, I have some cash here with your name on it 😁
  13. What is the offset of the new wheels? They maybe sticking out further than your old wheels. Your old wheels may have been tucked in just enough to clear the outside arches. The lower profile ratio of the new tyre should offset most of the extra inch in diameter you now have, so I can't see it being due to the size of the new wheels. I would check the offset 👍