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Ambulance Nightmare


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If an ambulance has no sirens or lights on they really should respect the laws of the road!! Cutting across 2 lanes on a roundabout running me into the curb has made me pretty livid, I've stopped swearing profusely but know even though I've put a complaint in there will be no point if they turn around and say insurance claim as it will cost more on my policy in the long run. For now, I shall call just end with wucking fankers!



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Sorry to hear about your 'run in' with an ambulance.

I've only just joined the Subaru club, but until Jan 2013 I was a Paramedic Manager at a local ambulance station in Derbyshire, which is also part of the East Midlands Ambulance Service area, which covers Northamptonshire.

In my opinion, if the crew were on a 999 call, they should firstly have had blue lights on, and most certainly the audible warning  switched on.

If you're saying they hadn't either lights or siren on, then I would assume they weren't on a 999 emergency, so from what you said, it appears the driver was driving without due care and attention.

Obviously I don't know the full facts of what happened,but it my be worth reporting to the Police, if you managed to get the registration of the ambulance,(and I'm assuming it was a 999 ambulance-yellow and green 'battenburgh squares' on the sides of the ambulance body??) , and not one of the plainer liveried ambulances which just transport people to local hospitals for treatment, usually referred to as 'Patient Care Transport' ambulance.

I would give the main EMAS HQ a call in Nottingham, Horizon Place,Mellors Way,Nottingham, i'm not sure of the post code though, and explain why you have a complaint.

If the ambulance is one from EMAS, and you have the day, time of day and a reg of the ambulance,the service might be able to track the crew involved.

I know it doesn't help with the damage to your car, but if all is appears as you say,the driver should get a bo*****ing, or they would have done from me if I had been asked to investigate the same issue.

You never know, you might get some compensation, sorry I can't advise any further.


And for clarity, and having been on the ambulance service for 22 years, not everyone is a s**t drivers, just like every other driver, some aren't what we'd like them to be, but not all, believe me it isn't easy getting to a job on blue lights when someone's life is at risk in busy traffic etc.

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I had this with a police car cutting a red light without the blues or sirens on. luckily I was on the ball and managed to miss them, I still felt like following him and giving him a lecture on road safety !!! 


"Excuse me sir, did you see that red light back there? do you want to get there fast or alive?"

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