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Clutch Bleed Gone Wrong

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Hi Guys, 

Started doing some work on the new car I picked up and I've ran into an issue whilst bleeding the clutch. The car is 93 JDM WRX and when I had it the clutch bite was almost on the floor and I was getting the odd crunch on gear change so thought I'd start by changing the fluid to see if it helped. My master cylinder doesn't have a bleed nipple(or doesn't appear to have one) so I've bled the system from the slave cylinder.


I've bled the system by having a bleeding kit connected to the nipple, loosening the bolt a bit and having someone press the clutch down, then tighten the bolt and have them pull the clutch up. Repeated this process and topped up fluid in master until the fluid coming through the pipe was nice and clean and as far as I can tell there is no air bubbles. Now for the problem.


The clutch peddle does not return all the way to the top like it used to. Instead it pops back up about a third of the way maybe a little less and then you can bring the peddle up all the way manually but doing this there is a very much mechanical clunk. When then putting the clutch peddal down, it drops instantly with another mechanical clunk to the third of the way down point and then it feels like a "normal" clutch again with hydraulic feel. 


I think the clutch is working in the bottom part as with the clutch fully down I can change between gears smoothly (with engine off due to alarm(another issue but one at a time)) but I need to get the 2/3rds part of the clutch with no feel sorted. Is this down to a faulty master cylinder or does the pedal need adjusting where it connects to the cylinder linkage? Is it more simple then that and I have indeed got air in the system? Apologies if this a simple issue or repeated question - I'm a noob I will admit it but I'm trying to learn by getting my hands dirty. 

Thanks in advance. 

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The picture quality is great thanks, just trying to work out where to look on mine as from memory not much looks the same. I'll print out the picture and have a hunt when I'm underneath the car but definitely don't remember seeing a spring like that. If I was to get a picture of my slave cylinder and upload would you be able to tell me if I'm missing something?

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Yeah my 94 classic is running 6 speed gearbox/slave , reversed inlet manifold and front mount intercooler so will look a bit different [emoji6]

But the return spring should still be attached to the clutch fork and a bracket near the bellhousing .(by all means chuck a pic up anyways)

I dried the slave and flexible feed pipe and drove it for a day .

I then found that it was the flexi pipe leaking rather than a issue with the slave .

I had a spare slave and flexi pipe so fitted them both and blead the system /changed the fluid ....

done about 500 miles since without any issues [emoji106]

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