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Looking for a mapper for the north west

Rick 2014

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Its gonna cost me about 600 for mine so was half tempted to send my ecu off to esl get it put in returned with a base map then save for a mapping session.

Least its beeaking the cost in half then. I've a holiday ro pay for before may too :-(

Are you going ecutek rick ? Dyno mapped I take it.

Gambit no chance in middle of feb !

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I suppose it depends on waht your looking for in the map, some people I've spoken to say dunc is better at new age maps classics running a bit rich, but others are more than happy. Like ash was a bit wary of some of the things he'd heard about jgm but after seeing him work and the end result with his car he wouldn't recommend anyone else

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I had a reply from Duncan at race dynamics he will be in Rotheham mid January im just waiting to confirm a day then I will be having it mapped.Im thinking should I get a TD05 turbo now lol and have it fitted then its job done then Should see me into 300+

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