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Paul Walker’s 550bhp Skyline is for sale


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Tuned Nissan driven by actor in Fast and Furious 4 is up for grabs, and you need it in your life







A car driven by the late Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 4 has popped up for sale. And, as you'd expect, it's a monster.

Walker, who sadly passed away late last year, drove this heavily modified R34 Nissan Skyline in the fourth instalment of the freakishly popular movie franchise.

It's one of nine Skylines used for the film, but is the only actualSkyline - the others, we're reliably informed, were all stunt cars fitted on VW Beetle chassis' with plastic bodies. Yep, that actually happened.

So, this Skyline then. Underneath the bonnet sits a twin-turbo 2.6-litre straight-six engine with a Turbonetics front mounted intercooler. This sends around 550bhp to all four wheels via a six-speed Getrag shifter. We're told that a simple software mod could see that power rocket up to over 1000bhp.

Then there's a whole suite of goodies to get your inner Max Power fiend excited: Nismo lowering springs, a custom roll cage, an ARC titanium strut tower bar, Volk racing wheels, a Rotora big brake conversion, a Nismo bumper and side skirts, no rear seats, a Momo Alcantara steering wheel, Nismo pedals and a custom head up display for a dash-mounted PC.

Oh, there's also a Nismo exhaust, many gauges, custom seats and a "40-page appraisal from a well known accredited appraisal company documenting the build and movie car history, indicating a value range between €750,000 and €5,000,000."

Yep - the car is estimated to sell for at least £600,000, but considering it's covered just 6,000km, we suspect it'll be significantly higher. Could it possibly reach the estimated upper range of that price tag of £4 million?


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By all accounts the last 4 bayside blue uk cars were sold by Litchfield or abbey can't remember who brought them in to the UK in the 1st place, for the original film, only one remained intact,which is a travisty in its self, so I guess the blue one must be another outsourced car, even if it was the original car it would be a nightmare to get re registered as I presume they had permanent export markers, still Al lot of cash for something that's been ragged and chaved up to fit into the film,

A while back new era sold a couple of the film cars, a vielside rx7 and an s13 and they only reached 10-15k

Obviously cashing in on a dead blokes fame [emoji35]

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