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£26k legacy anyone?

savage bulldogs

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Noticed Damien Bradley's time attack car up for sale [emoji53]


Hopefully he's still taking part next year's time attack in a scoob . It would be really nice if it was in simon roes (jolly green monster) green monster 3.3 twin turbo'd classic

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Yeah I know simon had had a some input with Damien's teams legacy . It just would have been nice to see simon's impreza win some trophies and get some more track time , as well as still having Damien flying the scooby flag next year

I haven't heard any updates on whether simon's scoob had sold and hoped it was going to go to good use and not end up being broke for bits [emoji20]

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Look at the rear quarter's ! What a beast and at that price seems a steal for what you get to go racing, last time I looked Simon's was still up for sale but that's on his site. 40k still seems a bargain, been watching a few totb runs and some other YouTube stuff, anything that requires a bit of corrective lock going through 2nd &3rd in a straight line [emoji16] monster indeed

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