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Hello all,


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Hello all,


Hope everyone is well and you are all enjoying the new year.

I am obviously new to the forum and this is my first post.


So introduction required i believe.

I am 37 and i live in Plymouth I ride bikes and drive a van as a daily hack.


So i hear you cry why is he on here.

Well I'm on the hunt for a new car and figured you people on here would be the best to come to for help,

So what am I after.


2002 onward.

2.5 petrol manual twin cam not quad cam.


Not really bothered what the actual car is like at present as want the engine as a doner for another vehicle.


I hope this doesn't offend as my intention is to take the engine, gear box wiring loom and ancils out and slap them in another car hence my specific engine requirements.


So if anyone has an idea were i can pick one up, please let me know.




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I think matt means is it from the normaly aspirated engine, which I think it is, 2 5L can be found in second generation foresters and some legacies, not sure if they are in UK spec legacies though, looking at your name is it going in a vw by any chance ?

Sent from my SM-G850F

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