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Offset Question

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As part of my recent browsing I've come across this.....




Does this mean that OEM alloys from Bug, Blob and Hawk Impreza wrx's are an exact fit for my Outback? 


Please say yes  :D  :D  :D


If not, what do I need to be aware of?


Thanks folks

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Not sure mate as I think after a certain year the pcd went from 100mm to 114mm. Have a measure of your studs from a diagonal and see if yours is 100mm or 114mm

Offset wise yours uses the same as impreza (lucky git)

I wouldn't take that site as gospel as the xv wheels listed are 55 offset but the dealer told me they were a 48 ?

Sent from my SM-G850F

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That's great news stants, cheers. Widens the field massively in my search for some winter rims [emoji41]

I'll try and check the pcd in the next few days

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Oh aye.....good thing is now I can just bide my time and set a limit on what I want to spend. It's the rims I want as any tyres already on will be the wrong profile, so can buy ones without needing decent tyres on them. Hopefully that will bring the costs down too.

Let the games begin....

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