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Clive's classic clearout

savage bulldogs

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Got quite a few bit's kicking about so thought I'd stick a list up .

v3/v4 phase1.5 powder coated inlet with fuel rails , oe intake pipe, purge valve and part loom £60 SOLD

V3/v4 coilpack £15

ht leads £10

Classic braided brake lines £20

Phase 1/1.5 440cc injectors (ultrasonically cleaned 1.5 k ago) £50 SOLD

Full v3 uk interior no rips or tears £50 . SOLD

Genuine crystal head lights £40 SOLD

Genuine crystal spotlights £ 30 SOLD

Preface splitter (no cracks but needs painting) £40

Aftermarket high level spoiler with rust free bootlid £50 SOLD

Whiteline "pigtail" front droplinks (to suit steel arms)


V3 sti tmic with ally hard pipe £30 SOLD

Standard ported headers £50

Pannels in 406 silver rust free doors / facelift bonnet

Prices based on collection from suffolk pics on request and I'll add more as I find it .

Thanks for looking


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Thanks for the heads up, at 1st I thought it was the synchro but today It's been snagging going into every gear. If I double De clutch it's ok.

I'I'm having the bearing sorted on Monday so I'll ask then

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Haven't ever looked for a new thrust race tbh bud.

I do know that the 6speed and 5 speed exedy pink box thrust races are definitely the same .

As the 6 speed clutch that came with my box had the thrust race missing so I used the 5 speed one (hence why it's missing)

I was just gonna keep the 5 speed clutch , fly and starter just in case I broke the 6 speed clutch [emoji4]

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Ah ok, do you live close to any of those local shops that use Hermes ? Where you just drop it off if I arrange it all? I would just email you the sticker for you to attach . Let me know if that's at option

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