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Hi everyone,


im steve, im picking up my first scoobie this weekend. Always wanted one and know i have the opportunity to do so.


looking forward to collecting my wrx sti 05 model, but not the 9 hour drive to get it. the return journey will be smiles all the way :)

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Thanks for the welcome guys!

I am going that far for a car ive always wanted.

Can't wait to pick it up. Just been serviced and fluids and the specs list looks immense.

Although I'm sure I will find something of my own to change.

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Finally picked up my car, wow the power delivery is insane!!!


Having a good look around it today and a few cosmetic improvements being done

But one under the bonnet raises a question.


There is a wheel on the front right that isn't connected to a belt. Any ideas on why this is? Next to the alternator

Drive fast, Race faster

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wort the 1100 mile round trip in 25 hours!!! :lol:  :lol:  :P only issue was a slight nose dive into snow which snapped the lower lip!!!!


just finished its first clean. and have my list of tasks to make it shine brilliantly

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