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Stefan555 from the Netherlands


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I Stefan and I'm from the Netherlands.

Am in possession of two Subarus.

Subaru Legacy 2.0 GL 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type-R V5 (project car)

For these cars, I have had two Subaru.

A Subaru Impreza GT turbo 97 and 00 model


The upgrade to the Legacy followed his.

- Sti V5 front seats.

- Cosworth air filter.


Here some pictures of the legacy.






Have the car in 2010 purchased in Uk.

And to the connecting rod bearings from the block were broken walked.

Decided to quite the car to tackle from top to bottom.



- Sportsbook Novaris 17inch rims.

- 17inch Prodrive P7 REd

- STI V6 lip.

- White flasher front and sides.

- RCM window band (RCM376)

- RCM sticker (RCM2121)

- RA Roof Vent.

- Carbon Group N mirrors.

- STI fog light covers



- Strut bridge for STI

- Strut bridge for Cusco

- Lower Strut brace.

- EG Performance Front Fender Brace

- RCM BC Racing coilovers front and rear camber plats (SCH300).

- RCM steel brakes (SPE63).

- RCM / AP Racing front brake calipers with 330 6pots Ferdo DS2500 (SBR61)

- RCM STI Brembo claws behind EBC Ultimax disks and Ferdo DS2500 brake pads (SBR398 + SBR182)

- Short JDM 5Bottle with DCCD

- Complete chassis Powerflex rubbers (purple) (Speedequipment)

- Eibach 23-24 Swaby bar kit. (Speedequipment)

- Superpro® steering spindle bullets and bullets.

- Superpro® wheelhouse rubbers.

- Whiteline subframe lock kit.

- RCM Group N engine mounts (+ SPE179 SPE760 SPE180 +).

- RCM Superpro® subframe rubber gear tray

- Superpro® Wheelhouse rubbers

- Cobb Tuning Shifter Bushing Pack

- STI Quick Shift Kit



- RCM Shadow Pro BF Oil pressure and temperature meter (RCM1585 RCM1586 +)

- RCM Momo steering wheel

- Carbon gear shift knob


Styling underhood

- RCM Cool Panel Guide for Radiator (RCM699)

- RCM oil cap (RCM379)



- STI V8 engine 2l SCD.

- Pipercross air filter

- Milltek downpipe, between pipe and muffler with racekat 2.75inch

- Saker Baffle Plate.

- Competition clutch Clutch kit.

- Go Fast Bits light weight pulleys.

- RCM Cosworth dist belt (SENCO17)

- RCM Cosworth Billet Timing Belt Guide. (SENCO14)

- Magnecor KV85 ignition cables.

- FMIC custom made pipes

- RCM STI oil filter. (RCM887)

- RCM inlet space (RCM564)

- RCM Turbosmart Race Port (SPE813)

- RCM Samco inlet hose. (IMSHO23)

- RCM Samco coolant hoses. (IMSHO11 + IMSHO01)

- RCM Samco air hose. (IMSHO09)

- RCM VVT Oil Supply Hose Kit. (RCM2111)

- RCM420 turbo (stu99)

- RCM fuel pump. (RCM2338)

- RCM exhaust manifold piece and uppijp. (RCM324)

- RCM 4 x 850cc injectors (SPE378)

- RCM Oil Catch Tank (RCM2030)

- Aluminium radiator (Speedequipment)

- Haltech Boost solenoid


Here a few photos












Will in 2015 when the car is ready.

Once it come to uk at RCM and Time Atteck


greeting Stefan

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They look great and pretty much the same as a uk turbo 2000 .

Apart from the plastic trim half way down the sides , which would be a good idea to stop car park dents [emoji36]

I assume you have a parts place that supplies rcm stuff over there as you seem to have quite a collection of rcm bit's [emoji4]

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a few updates to my car.

as first fog light switch, rear fog light built



for the rest of the front bumper modified for FMIC.

And very run down the front of the body work



the exhaust pipe is also entirely below




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After long silence here on the forum.
The car is finally back and ride again.

The car is now at 1 bar mapped power would now something of 300-320pk on ron95
Within short car go back but on the power bank.
And then go the turbo pressure to 1.4-1.5 boost.

now the car is back already done some minor updates
First update
cup holder for 2 cup



next update was the car wash and polish time.
This he deserves to stand still for so long.




Then, a set of original fog bought caps.
this because they were devastated me.
And now temporarily imitation could sit on it



Then the window of RCM band stuck with me girlfriend.







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