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Hi everyone


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Hey guys and girls

I'm new to this forum and to owning a scooby

I have a wrx 300 prodrive

Couple of things to ask for advice on if any of you could help

1.when taking foot of the power I can her a wining noise I would put this down to the diff is it normal or should I get in there and change oil front and back quickly

2.when coming off the power again I notice slight movement on the gear stick normal ?

3.when u are stationary and you go to select first gear if u don't push the clutch down all the way it grinds a little into first also clutch pedal very stiff

Any help on these would be much appreciated Im looking forward to having a good car and maybe in the future do some bits to her but first want to get car a1 thanks everyone

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My diff makes that noise when I let off the power, I presume it's normal as my oil was changed not long ago and was mint when it came out as well :). Also think the movement in the stick is normal if it's only slight. As for the selecting gear, do you know when the clutch has been changed?

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Welcome to the club

What no pics [emoji4]

Changing the oils and a service is always a good idea when buying a performance car imo but in your case I'd investigate the clutch issues first .

As if you have to replace the clutch you'll loose most of the new gearbox oil if you remove the prop from the gearbox .

Most clutches tend to slip under boost in 3rd and above if worn but not always .

Does it engage 1st better if you pump the clutch a couple of times ?

As this would indicate a possible slave cylinder/clutch fluid fault

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Welcome along.


The diffs are noisy on these cars, as Savage said its good practice to replace the oils. Its normally done on the 1st major service (50'000 mile service if I remember right, prob not though :))


A good idea would be to pop to a local club meet, I know there was a Middlesex Scoobies at one time. Alternatively you could pop along to my local club,  the Surrey Scoobies we meet, 2nd Sunday of the month near Sandown race course. Get another owner to have a look and compare to their car.

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