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98 Forester gear change lurch.


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Hi all, I hope this is in the right section, apologies if not.


I recently put new cambelt and head gaskets on my 98 JDM Forester turbo and it's all good (cheers for all the advice and help on that all) but i get a bit of lurch when pulling away and changing gear. I had a sticky butterfly valve, it was all coked up like kate moss so I cleaned it and it feels better but still a bit lurchy on gear change. I got my mate to look at the transmission mount as i gently let the clutch off in 2nd with the handbrake on but he says there's minimal movement about 3mm up and down which doesnt seeem excessive, has anyone else had this problem and how did they resolve it? I suppose that taking an engine out and wiggling it to get it back in would take its toll on the ENGINE mounts, should I replace them? OEM or are there any cheap good ones because im broke. Cheers all.

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More golden info many thanks stants, I've been using import cars. Co. UK and the guy is so knowledgeable so I'll use them. So I should ask for : transmission mount, gearbox bushes and I suppose I should do the front mounts and the pitch stop bar too yeah stants.?is that what you replaced? I love that our cars are the same mileage ha ha. Thanks again mate

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I've not got round to doing the engine mounts yet. Been sorting other bits out, be warned it's a bit more noisy and whines a bit now,took my mate out in it on Friday he's not been in it since the changes, he asked if I'd had a wheel bearing on the way out it's that noticeable.

I'm having coolant issues ie my radiator !Removed! everywhere Tuesday night so I'm waiting on one arriving today

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