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Hii New Subaru WRX Owner


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It's ok we've been slagging you off anyway  :lol: lol 

Hope you had a good Holiday go anywhere good ?


:lol: Yeah I do Thanks, Just popped down to Minehead Butlins :)  Awesome drive down their in the scooby some really good roads.

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Butlins not been to a Butlins since I was a kid I might go for a weekend out this year just to see if it's still as good as my childhood memories lol 


Yeah thats 1 of the main reasons why I went tbh its quite run down now, Not as good as I remeber from being a kid.

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We had one near me in Skeg Vegas I'll do a search see if it's there still. I think they was all the rage in the sort of 70's/80's

I still remember my dad having the camcorder that had it's very ow VHS tape player/Recorder to record on with the camaera facking thing was huge lol  


Sort of like this :) 



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