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I come off road last night n hit kerb side on. Now my Subaru feel like the wheel is coming off when driving. Had it in garage this morning but was to busy to look at it. Said 99% it will be strut but a few other ppl have said it will be the arm n lateral link. Dose anyone know where I can get them cheap. Have checked eBay n scrap yards not having any luck. Don't want to go dealer as will cost to much. Seem getting them parts for a classic is hard. Will the lateral link pack on eBay for the bugeye fit? Thanks

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I have msg a few today, nobody got back to me apart from one. he said nobody takes them off cause they are stuck on, only way to get them off is to cut them off and obviously bushers won't be any good after that as well. Mite sound stupid here but is there not a shop anywhere in the UK you can get the parts from New n cheap ?

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Sorry to hear about uou hitting a kurb

I'd get it looked at by sombody who can confirm exactly whats broken before buying to many bits bud .

I'd suggest to get sombody to check the car over properly before driving it again .

Where abouts are you as one of the members might be able to recommend someone in your area .

Unfortunately quite a few classics are getting broken due to age and standard parts are fairly cheap .

I've been breaking a 97 uk turbo that was eaten by rust myself [emoji53]

Still got a few bits left on it but no struts unfortunately.

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Darlington in the north east.

The strut isn't the problem really I can get hold of one of them if it turns out to be that. It's the arms/ lateral link / anti roll bar that I really think it is n can't find. It's probably going to need a new sub frame as well soon as it's got rust bad. Really don't want to get rid of her. You don't see many classics on the road anymore.

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Miles from me (im in suffolk)so can't help with your area myself, hopefully someone else will know

Can't really see a issue in your pic but pics are discecptive , here's one of the same area on my 97uk (I can't see much difference )


Have you tried levering the bushes/mountings to check for play

Or take some crude measurements from bush bolt to bottom balljoint and check against the other side

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