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Vacuum pipe not connected doh help!!!!!


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Hi there all I've a 2.0 s turbo and a pipe has come off ite one of the small vacuum pipes behind the alternator, going off under inlet manifold on right side ..... Don't know where it came from , car runs lumpy and won't drive I'm gutted .

A diagram would be useful , thanks in advance .

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A pic would be ideal as the vacuum system is fairly complicated and differs with each version .

It does sound like it's in the fuel vapour canister area .

Can you see it in this pic if you zoom in ?

The canister is the round cylinder bottom left (as you stand in front of the engine bay) with 3 vacuum lines on top


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Right my engine is different my coils are in the centre, so maybe you have a v4/5? Based engine, I've chased the one that looks like it could be the same but it's a nightmare goes back towards the idle control valve housing then does a u turn under the manifold.


In there somewhere !

If it's the other side it runs to the electrics going into the boost solinoid

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