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ECU code 22 knock sensor.

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Morning ladies and gentlebeans. After following Gambits guide on checking and resetting the ecu on my classic I picked up a code 22. Done the reset and drove it for the week without a cel on. This morning while still cold on my pull away my cel flashed up and stayed on for 20 seconds before going out. Done the check and its code 22 again.

I'll be replacing the knock sensor in due course but I'd like to know what effect it will have on the engine. I have noticed a very small hesitation in half throttle going up from 2000-5000rpm. Full throttle has no issue with hesitation or fuel cut. I was wondering if the hesitation was the car regarding the timing because of the knock.

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It will probably !Removed! the timing a bit if it thinks it's nocking, if it gets really bad it may go into 'safe mode' and not let you rev over 2.5k.

Just reset and keep an eye out should be fine they are a common fail point

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