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in theory yes that will work - you may have issues though if the spring tensions are different meaning the valve will activate at different pressures, why not run without the BOV fitted until you get a replacement?

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Ok so ran it for a day and it sounded weird so got a dv first thing today. Bought a genuine hks ssqv with fitting kit. I have to say it sounds so weird!!!! On low boost it does have a bit of a psssst to it but on high boost it chirps sounds like iv got a bird under the bonnet!!!

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Hasn't fix idle issues but iv been thinking (not normally a good thing) the ecu i bought has MAF delete when i use that ecu the idle runs solid at 1500rpm (rotational idle with als) does this point to MAF? When I unplug it one original ecu car stalls

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apologies i thought it was a turbo 2k

J D M - "Import" Model Codes Type/Version/HP

•    1992 - 1995

GC8A48D.....WRX 4 door / 238

GC8A47D ... WRX Type RA 4 door / 238

GC8B48D ... WRX 4 door / 248

GF8B25D =. WRX 5 door / 218

GC8B47D ....WRX Type RA 4 door / 258

GC8B47D =. WRX Type RA STi V1 4 door / 272

GF8B58D = .WRX 5 door / 218

GF8B58D =. WRX Type RA 5 door / 248

GF8B58D =. WRX STi V1 5 door / 258

GC8C48D = WRX 4 door / 238

•    1995 - 1997

GC8C47D =.WRX STi V1 4 door / 258

GC8C47D = WRX Type RA STi V1 4 door /272

GF8C58D =. WRX 5 door / 218

GC8C4ED =.WRX STi V2 555 4 door /272

GC8C4DD =.WRX Type RA STi V2 / 272

GC8C4DD =.WRX Type RA STi V2 V-Limited / 272

GF8C58D = .WRX STi V2 5 door / 258

GF8C58D = .WRX STi V2 555 5 door / 258

GF8C58P = .WRX 5 door AT / 220

GC8D2DD =.WRX Type R STi 2 door / 278

GC8D48D =,WRX 4 door / 258

GC8D47D . .WRX Type RA 4 door /278

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it seems very strange that it would only make less that 30 hp if im honest, hence why im saying take it to a rolling road, for it to get an increase in hp there has to be and increase in boost, however yours is running totally standard boost pressure, if remapped, most scoobs run around 1bar of boost or around 12-14 psi depending on the turbo, fueling etc.



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