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Oil Filter Help Plz?


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So the other day my mate was going to service my car for me it is a 1995 WRX GC8 turbo Import and he said the oil filter on the car was a diffrent size to the one that I had brought from this link: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270311260577 So he didint bother servicing my car for me in the end as he didint want to fit the wronge Oil Filter.


Is this Oil Filter the correct one for my car is or is it the wronge one? Thanks

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Your link doesn't work for me fella

They do come in a few different sizes depending on manufacturer .

I ran a k&n oil filter on my classics for a while (which was massive) but now use mahle oil filters (much shorter &cheaper) from Opie Oils.

No difference in oil pressure or temperature according to my gauges

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Looks about right, subaru did change the size of them a while back and there are differences between the blue and black filters. I know it's a blueprint part but

Ipc won't sell you the wrong one.

If I was you I'd pat a couple of quid extra and buy a genuine filter

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I contacted the seller and he said it is the correct oil filter for my car & said the filter that is on my car is "More than likley to be a non turbo oil filter as it is bigger & turbo Oil filters are smaller" is this true?


Here is the image of the Oil filter I brought since the link dosent work :)




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