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New to subare from west cumbria

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Well I've been on here since January now but haven't posted an intro as I wasn't officially a Subaru owner until today.

So just picked up my wrx sti and took it for a good blast from Carlisle up to hartside then along to barnard castle to get a feel for the car on some real fun roads. I'm really liking the car so far it looks great and only seems to make sense when you start to push it a bit.

I've already got a milltek cat back on it so she sounds great too.

Looking forward to spending a bit more time in the car and getting a few more miles on it to loosen it up before I give it some abuse.

In the past I've had a few golfs and an old bmw 328 coupe, I really liked my mk5 golf gti I had a few year ago but I think I'm gonna like the Subaru even more.

If there's any meets or anything up this neck of the woods let me know I might come along for a run out somewhere. Would be great to get a few scoobs on a blast over hartside.

Here's the new baby on her first day outpost-3661-142523056613_thumb.jpgpost-3661-142523057721_thumb.jpg

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Stunning mate. As for the meets I do welcome local clubs to come and advertise them for people here, but as far I think Surrey Scoobies about the only one that comes on to advertise well ScoobyPete does for them. I've even tried to get a friend of mine who does the sticker's to advertise here for his meets still nothing  :lol: But anyone setting meets up I do try to help promote it when I can so might be worth just posting in the regional section see if any of the members know of meets or want to get one started :) 

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