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Sad Times - Had to sell my Silver Forester 2.5XT.

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Due to austerity measures and  a couple of substantial misfortunes  requiring rather a lot of cash quickly, I have had to part with our pride and joy  :( .





The choice was either sell the Forester XT or to sell our 9 seater diesel minibus.  



It was a very hard choice but the minibus won solely due to the fact that it is so versatile with 9 seats that can be easily removed  or reconfigured giving us a huge load carrying capability. It does everything that we need from one vehicle and the Foz was a bonus..



Nowhere near as much fun or as nice to drive as the Forester XT but I have to say that it is just more practical otherwise it would have been sold instead of the Foz.




I'm gutted, my wife's gutted and my teenage son ( who was hoping too learn to drive in the Foz   :unsure: ) is also gutted.




I tell everyone who asks about her that she has been the best looking car and the best car that I have ever driven, bar none.




I would still like to remain a member of the forum please and hope to get another Subaru in the future.





Thank You




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Mate gutted for and can completely empathise with austerity measures and a couple of curve balls - had my own challenges in the last couple of years


However on the positive side - you know where we are and your contribution will always be welcome and when things turn around you may have the opportunity to fill the gap ;)

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Sorry to here the news but if needs must, and things have worked out ok then it's for the best, you can always get back into a subaru at a later date,

As Jay says your always welcome here, besides you don't think by selling up gambit would have let you get away that easily.

Hope your all ok and I feel for your son I don't think the 9 seater has the same kudos as the foz.

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