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Turbo coolant line

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Noticed the other day a smell of hot coolant, didn't think much of it as I spilt a bit on to of the block the other week and presumed it was still evaporating.

Had a check yesterday and found this


Don't think it's owt to do with the different coolant looks like the line had been disturbed. So cleaned it up and re seated it. Nothing has leaked since, if I remove the pipe from the turbo end to take a look for blockages is there anything I should be aware of ? Will it let much air into system

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Mine weeps from both ends of that pipe occasionally due to the !Removed! spring clips that hold it in place .

I'll eventually buy a new silicone hose and replace the !Removed! clips with stainless jubilee ones .

I haven't had any air locks (heaters still hot ) and the water hasn't dropped by much so I don't think it's a major problem on mine

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It had ridden up a little so I presume it's just worked loose either when I fitted the blanket or changed the coolant, thought there could have been a blockage hence why I want to take it off,just seems strange/ coincidental it's happened since the rad change.

Am I right in thinking that the water is only fed into the turbo when running and it's not primed all the time ?

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