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WHITBY Day out Pics uploaded

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21st/22nd of March is a spare weekend for me and while we are one month away from the monthly Yorkshire meets, i thought it would be nice to have a proper get togther and maybe get a few of the not so local lads involved and everyone has plenty of notice :)


Now im thinking, big convoy to somewhere thats a good drive as mine has a few cobwebs to shake off, and we can bring the missus's or fella's







but feel free to chip in your ideas.

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I wouldn't call skeggy the sea side haha Whitby always good plus nice drive over the n York moors.

Put me down as a maybe, the misses has decided she wants to move house so I have no idea when it will be going ahead but it's imminent

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stants its sunday matey. can meet at the services, im getting another 2 cars to come down, nick and stants if you guys have got mates that are intrested invite them as it would appear its just us 3 if not.

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Ah same difference. You coming up the m1/a1 the a64? If so I'll just join you at the a64 junction from leeds. It will be me misses and nipper. My mates golf's lowered to !Removed! and he'd have to set off now to meet us in time

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