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Who's going to which events ?


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As I have to book my time about 8 months in advance I thought I'd ask who's thinking of going where this year so I can plan ahead.

So far I'm confirmed for jap show at pod on the 5th July

Hoping to get make a weekend of it and get to cadwell on the 25th and do the buttertubs run on the 26th of April. Fingers crossed (will know this eve I'm successful)

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We was there last year and been offered discount for missing the 1st Japfest so if we get interest to go to it. We can sort that :) 


Think put payment forms up asap though so people have to pay up to be added on the list :) 

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:( Shame it's made this turn but at least it was tried a new corner which is a positive. And you may have seen here mixed reviews for the clinic from members too. Tidgy and Brocky both use them that I know so it's the same here, :( So i won't and don't want to start a debate about that. But as said if we can help mate we're here. And more than welcome to as I said come with us and have banners :) 

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