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daytime running lights


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thought it was time to upgrade these due to them been dull and yellow and the car having Xenon headlights.


was not straight forward though :-( when I removed the old bulbs which are mega small I found that the new ones would not fit in the light unit.


I ended up removing the unit and enlarging the holes so the new bulbs would fit in.


all done now and loving the new Xenon white look to them, very bright indeed


next job LED side lights :-)







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That's great work Dug.

Isn't the fitting socket though a standard size? 

What bulb did you use to replace the halogen one of your DRLs?

On a similar note, has anyone fitted these successfully? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193285324964?ul_noapp=true

The reason I am asking is that I have bought a set myself but the DRLs aren't working (the fog lights are working fine).

I am investigating this with the help of IM at the moment and will keep you updated, just wondering if anyone has fitted them and if so if they had to do any modifications to make them work.


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