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hi all

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I'm not so up to savvy on new age cars but as savage said, get on that guide and have a good read up. Get all your questions ready for your viewing and don't be worried about asking the wrong question. It's a lot of money to hand over. The garage may even offer a type of warrantee.

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View a few if you can and take a couple of test drives to get used to how they feel and sound, don't be blinded by the power or smile factor under your right foot.

I was almost ready to part with a bit more than you are thinking about just because I wanted one for so long and it looked clean .... However I didn't there was just a few too many minor changes and mods, take a friend with you to act as a conscience if you like and talk you down if you get a bit cash happy ( it helps if they are a bit car savvy also )...I guess what I am saying is don't rush take your time and the right car for you and your budget will come along [emoji7][emoji16]

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Yeah thats the guide ,don't let gambits outfit put you off [emoji5]

don't know if it mentions it but you're better off listening to them start from cold as due to the boxer layout they can suffer from piston slap from cold which goes away when warm .

I have heard some good feedback from hurst cars but no personal experience , best of luck and keep us updated fella

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When you get your head under the bonnet, don't just check the engine oil...also reach down behind the turbo and you will find the diff oil dipstick.

From the pictures it's pretty tidy and unmolested but don't take anything at face value prod and poke and ask if your not sure !!

Oh and as savage mentioned if you get there and the car is already warmed up question it!! Then maybe leave and go back an hour later to start it cold

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Would be worthwhile to actually take the the time to sit and read through some of the service history or flick through any receipts to see what has actually been done, a genuine uk300 will I expect have a certificate of installation from prodrive whereas if you find a receipt for aftermarket fuel pump/remap ect that would suggest it being a replica if the is no plate but I am no expert, just trying to offer some common sense

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