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turbo timers

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I've never fitted one. Had one on my old scoob and it was nice to allow it to cool down without having to sit in the car. It was linked to the handbrake so if someone got in and tried to release the handbrake to drive, the engine would just stall.

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Not necessary on subaru's due to the turbo being water and oil cooled. Best thing to do is just drive off boost for the last mile,

I let mine cool when I get home anyway, by the time I've got toddler and associated items I out it's about a minute anyway.

insurance companies don't like them, some alarms can be programmed to run for a pre determined time so may be worth looking into if you have an aftermarket one.

By all means if you want one fit one but there's no long term benefits of having one installed

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IMO no need,as said drive slow for last 1/2 mile or so,or when parked after a (on boost run ie motorway)drive, let it idle for 30 seconds........thats my turbo timer. Enough time for the turbo to slow and not fry any oil thats there as its spinning 100k rpm.  As said insurance do not like them............or so i have found when asked years back!

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Huge split on if it's worth it or not, personally I use it to warm up the car as I don't want to Shell out the coat of a remote start kit. On turbo timers though does anyone know what wire needs cutting on the keyless entry module in a 2006 hawkeye to allow the remote lock to work while engine is still running?

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