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Never liked the version previous tbh,looks smart in the sti guise though......,but that is just stunning,like the way subaru are going again.


Big congrats again,really do like that a lot,maybe in 10yrs i can afford one without re-mortgaging  :lol:



B)  B)  B)  B)  B)

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Stunning car! I'm totally biased of course.


I've had mine for 4 months now, nearly 6500 miles on it now!! (Only 5 when I picked it up).  What can I say? I love driving it, and it is my daily.


Just joined so I will put up another thread for my pics, don't want to hijack your posts.



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On Σάββατο, 4 Απριλίου 2015 at 5:55 PM, scoobyranger said:

80 miles seems slightly steep for delivery miles?

Does look pretty decent though ;)

Whereabouts you based mate?

South Manchester....essentially Cheshire area...


Oh dear...I can't believe I am replying to this a...year later.... :-( I am really sorry for such a delay my dear friend

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