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Can the latest boxer diesel lump be mapped?

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The reason I ask this is that when I went for my SS exhaust a few weeks ago, the guy who fitted it was telling me about an old VW Golf TDI he'd just bought cheap and was getting mapped from 130bhp to 180bhp  :o  he reckoned it was an easy job for that engine.


So - my question is can the scoob boxer diesel unit be mapped and if so, what bhp and economy increase could you expect to achieve? - has anyone had it done yet?


I'm thinking it could make the XV a bit of a stealthy rocket possibly  :D



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pretty easy on a diesel get quite chunk of power without much supporting changes, diesel power is very much linked to amount of diesel injected & air ratio to fuel is not such a fine tolerance as petrol . stress on engine & fuel economy are major downfalls. Newer diesels will have limitations how far go as dpf will be a major restriction for a start & potential for problems & hard to work around with legal emision requirements.

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I would expect the golf to have a some supporting mods to get an increase of 50bhp...I'd guess similar to petrol...air filter, fuel pump, back box or exhaust....but only guessing.

Not lot of VAG engines respond really well to a remap without any other parts. I had a mk4 golf get the 150 and looked into a remap, 260bhp + was quoted by the good tuners such as revo. The latest golf R and gti have been getting gains of up to 70 bhp from just a remap, it's like VW are holding them back but it passes me off that I would have to buy a full system, air filter and then a remap and still get nowhere near these gains.

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