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Kent SOC meet follow up!

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I want to start off by thanking everyone that came today. It wouldn't be a meet without you all.

We had a little convoy from Medway up to Bluewater to meet with Del. There's no feeling compared to checking your rear view and seeing a convoy of subarus. Once we got to del it all changed as for some reason we all split up and scattered [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] we finally relocated everyone and headed to the meet.

Quick little blast down the dual carriageway followed by my clear perfect use of the synchro in 2nd gear(Thanks Del for letting me live that down) we got to the pub in good time and had a good chat. This was one of the best meets I'd ever been too and I'm hoping we continue with such a great turnout.

I loved seeing the out back too. Thanks Pat. Don't see many of those but that was a fine example. Hope to see you all next month!

Pics of the meet.


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Oh nice one and good set of pictures. Weathers getting nicer so hopefully be a better turn out next month 6 is pretty good though for a first meet. And I'm like you I love seeing other models coming but so far like you only had a Outback turn up :( Forester guys have a lot to answer for ;) 

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A really enjoyable afternoon, we all had a good old chat and Colin gave us all a master class on subaru mechanics lol. Probably saved Del from cooking his engine tho. Roll on next month!!

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